Saturday, December 11, 2010

Some Quick Thoughts........

Previously I wrote about how we can ask forgiveness from those who we may have harmed in previous lives or in this life and how also we can forgive those who may have hurt us in this life or a previous life and how it releases us from the wounds we have suffered. I wanted to point out that we don't have to remember those events or even know who may have harmed us.

About a week ago I was up early getting ready for work when I felt a stabbing pain in my back. Twice. I have had instances in the past when I have suffered from back issues that put me in the bed for a week or more and each time I have asked the Universe to reveal to me the emotional cause for my pain. Sometimes I have felt like the Universe had to put me out of motion to get my attention and give me messages. I tend to overextend myself at times. This time it felt like an actual knife would feel going into my back. Immediately the thought came to me that I was being stabbed in the back. Refusing to give into the pain, I went off to work. I told my back that I was not going to stay home this time because I was scheduled for a book signing that day and I was not canceling it. However, remembering my previous blog, I spoke out into the Universe that if someone was trying to stab me in the back, I forgave them and released them from the guilt of it, whether it was this life or a previous life. I did not need to know the details. I did not have time to delve into my psyche and discover who was doing the stabbing. I just released them. Within an hour my back felt better.

Just a couple of days ago I was doing my exercise routine with a fifteen pound dumbbell. While I had the weight over my head it slipped out of my hand and hit me on the head. OUCH! I almost passed out. This has never happened in all the years I have worked out with weights. Of course I asked for the message. The wound was somewhat self inflicted although it obviously was an accident. Nothing. My husband says, Joy, sometimes there is no message. Sometimes things just happen. This is not really in my field of thought. To me everything is a message. I will keep you posted if I get a message from it. I just said that perhaps the Universe is having trouble getting through to me and felt I needed some sense knocked into me. Nevertheless I am reorganizing to try to have some more time to spend getting in tune and writing down my messages. I have been getting a lot of messages lately but have had no time to write them down. By the time I sit at the computer or even sit quietly with pen and paper, there is nothing. I can't remember all those great messages. Maybe the Universe is saying... JOY.... stop running yourself so ragged and sit down with ME.......

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