Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Forgiveness for our Ancestors

Yesterday I was with a client and I was doing a non physical journey for him. His intention for the journey was that he wanted to break a pattern of feeling taken advantage of. He felt that his value was not appreciated and he always gave more than what he received back in relationships. Almost immediatedly after entering the non physical realm I journeyed back to a time in a previous life when this young man was a prince in his tribe in Africa. He was well valued, and he had the heart of a lion, bold and unafraid. Then, without warning, he was abducted into slavery by slave traders and brought to America. I found his soul on a slave ship crossing the ocean, broken and disheartened. He lost his fearlessness, his sense of purpose, and instead, shackled and wounded, his heart had lost the will to go on. I sensed that his soul had preordained for this to happen, so that he would learn that although his body was taken into slavery, his soul could never be bound. However, his soul had forgotten its purpose for creating this event, and instead, a portion of himself was still on that slave ship, feeling taken advantage of and abandoned. Upon relating this revelation to this young man, at first he failed to see the significance of a past life event on the present. I reminded him that all events in our lives, present and past, are ingrained into our soul memory, and continue to haunt us until they are resolved. I encouraged him to release the souls of his perpetrators for the wrongs they had done, because forgiving them would release his soul from bondage. And also in this life, those who had taken advantage of him needed to be released from the judgements he held against them, so that his soul could be freed.

This experience revealed an even more amazing truth. We can release the perpetrators of past events from the responsibility for wrongs done to our ancestors, releasing us as well from the bondage of the events. I realized that I could stand in for my ancestors, apologizing for the wrongs done, and releasing those who have done wrongs to them as well. This breaks the hold that judgements carry on past events and releases both the perpetrator and the victim of the event. I know it is commonplace in our culture to demand justice for wrongdoing, and yes, I believe that criminals should be found and punished, but the weight that the families of victims carry with them through unforgiveness could be eliminated through forgiveness and the release of the hold that the wrong doing has had on the family.

I remember when one of the Popes went to a country where in centuries past the Catholic church had rampaged and killed many, and he apologized for the sins of the Church in centuries past. In the nonphysical realm there was great rejoicing and a shift occurred in the heavens. We can also bring about shifts and raise the energy of our planet by releasing the sins of the past. There is no way we can repay the victims of the horrific sins of the holocaust or the centuries of pain bestowed upon minorities but we can raise our energy and the energy around us by releasing those who are responsible from our judgements of them. This does not mean that they get away with their sins. There is always Divine justice. It releases us from the position of judge and allows the Divine to bestow justice or mercy according to the Divine plan.

Forgiveness releases us. The wrongdoers still have their own work to do on their own issues. Whether they come to terms with their sins is not our responsibility. In the big scheme of things there is always justice. We may not see it. But releasing the anger and the bitterness releases us from the prisons we have made for ourselves. In the case of my young client, he does not remember in his conscious mind being abducted and sold into slavery. But in his day to day experience in this lifetime he is experiencing the feeling of being taken advantage of. As he releases those who abducted him in centuries past, and takes responsibility for himself and regains his personal power, he will realize that his soul can never be enslaved unless he allows it. Yes, on occasion he may be treated unfairly, as we all experience from time to time. But if our souls are free, these events do not occur as frequently, or if they do, we may not even notice.

After this journey into the non physical realm, I have decided to go into the Spirit realm and apologize for any wrong doings that happened as a result of the actions of my ancestors. To all the victims of crimes that I am not aware of, I am sorry. I also release any judgements carried over from my ancestors as a result of crimes of which they were the victims.

I remember once years ago I felt it necessary to apologize to the land upon which I discerned there had been great bloodshed as a result of war. In this instance it was the result of wars before the white man even came into this country. I felt the blood of Native Americans crying out to me from the land. In the present there is a church and before I apologized to the land it seemed that the church had suffered many splits where a group of the members of the church would leave and some would stay. I felt that this was a result of the energy of the land which carried with it the bloodstains of fighting. I am not sure whether my apologies to the land resulted in any peace within the walls of the church, but I imagine that if the land is at peace, whatever is placed upon it would also be at peace.

Today I encourage you to look at life in a new way. Release any judgements you may hold for crimes of the past. Remember that we are all victims and we are all perpetrators in some way.

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