Thursday, December 23, 2010

What's in Your Closet?

I am of the belief that our outer life reflects our inner life. Very often I can read a person just by the way they live their lives and the things going on with them. Certain pains in certain areas of our bodies symbolize issues we may be struggling with in our emotions or in our relationships. Even the way we keep house or the condition of our car says something about us.

Last week a friend called and asked me to send her healing energy because she was having severe pain in her left breast. I asked her if she was having any problems with her daughter or another female. Our left side is our female side and our breasts represent the nurturing part of ourselves. She said no but after a little while she later told me that after we got off the phone her daughter called and they got into a huge argument. Hmmmm...

My husband loves to drive his car with little or no gas in it. Of course he doesn't see this as symbolic but it reminds me of the fact that he is always running, always busy busy busy and frequently seems exhausted, with good reason. Running low on gas could represent the fact that he is not taking enough time to fill himself back up. He could use some "me" time.

One of his pet peeves about me is that I frequently leave closet doors open and lights on. When I really want to annoy him, I will go through the house and open all the doors and turn on all the lights. The other day he was complaining about this and I told him that it was a good thing. There are no secrets hidden in my closets, I am an open book. The lights always being on represent to me that there is always light around me, my Higher Guidance system, in the form of Angels, Guides, etc. Our house is always full.

Yes the closet doors are frequently left open but they are all very full. I imagine that there are things I could let go of that are no longer useful to me. The other day I began to clean out a closet and ended up throwing away three bags of old outdated food articles. I am sure some of the other closets could use a cleaning as well. At this point in time I am sending the message out into the Universe that I am ready to release all those things that are outdated and no longer useful to my journey.

With the recent full moon, winter solstice, and lunar eclipse all happening on the same day, I believe the Universe is giving us a chance to magnify our intentions and start in a new direction. It could be as simple as losing five pounds, or quitting smoking, or it could be selling a house or leaving a toxic relationship. Let us contemplate the symbolism being offered to us by the shadow of the earth crossing the moon. The earth (our souls) are casting a shadow on the moon (in astrology the moon represents our shadow self). In other words there are things our soul needs to release. It is not too late to set an intention.

Are there things that keep popping up in your life that may be a message from the Universe? Ask your Guides what the messages mean. You may be surprised at what things are waiting for your attention.

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