Monday, December 27, 2010

More About Signs

I was driving to work the other morning, my usual route, when one of my Guides said to me, "what if you were driving in Japan and couldn't read the signs because they were all in Japanese?" What a thought! Sometimes my Guides do that. They just throw something out there to me and let me chew on it awhile...And these are the thoughts I had........

We have universal road signs with pictures that mean the same in every language. It is the same with the signs that come from our Guides and Angels. There are universal signs that pretty much mean the same thing to everyone, but then there are signs that may mean something different to me than they would to you. I have read at least ten different interpretations of the significance of the lunar eclipse a few days ago, and everyone has a different way of looking at the significance of Christmas. So who is right? All of us!! We are all living together on this planet but we are each having an individual experience. Our reasons for incarnating might be different as well as the lessons we are learning from this Earth school. Some say we are not here to learn lessons. We are just here to experience what we cannot experience on the other side. Hmmm. Maybe that is true for some. And some are here to learn lessons. Some may be here to help others learn their lessons. So our Guides are here to sometimes throw a sign out there to lead us in the right direction. Do you think your Guide will send you a sign you cannot read? Do you think he will send you a sign written in Japanese if you can only speak English? I don't think so. In the same way our Guides know when something is significant enough to deserve a sign, then we will be able to read the sign and understand it.

Sometimes we have to do a little investigating to find out what messages our Guides are sending us. I am sure they send us plenty of signs that we miss. So they send them again. And again. That is why sometimes we find the same things keep happening to us over and over.

Then there are people who can help us interpret our signs. The best person to interpret a sign is always yourself, but if you are stumped, there is help. What is significant to me may mean something totally different to you. I was connecting with the loved ones of a client the other day and happened to mention that I could see him driving around in a red convertible on the Other Side. I thought it meant he was happy and having fun. The mother's eyes got huge and remarked that he had a red convertible while in this life. I think it was a sign to show his mom that he really was communicating with us and that he had indeed made it to the Other Side and was okay.

I think my Guides were just telling me that I needed to let people know that they will always send signs that they understand. Sometimes we may feel that our signs are written in Japanese but if that is the case then our Guides will send us an interpreter. Trust in the signs you receive and trust yourself that you will get the message.

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