Friday, January 8, 2010

Signs and Messages

I wanted to talk a little bit about messages. A few days ago I went to look for a car for my daughter. I wanted some guidance from the higher realms to let me know which car would be the best choice. I asked for the Angels and Guides to give me a sign to let me know if I was doing the right thing so I would not buy a clunker. At first my signs seemed to be mixed. The car that felt good to me at first I put on my list as a good possibility. However, when I went back to test drive it, the dealer had turned the radio on and as I drove I noticed that three songs in a row were about making mistakes. I took this as a sign and turned that particular car down. Then another car I drove seemed like a good choice, and the song on the radio came on and talked about there being a light at the end of the tunnel. On hindsight I think the Angels were telling me that the time of having to buy cars for my daughter was coming to a close because they definately were not telling me to buy that particular car. As I spent most of the day test driving cars, I felt drawn to one particular dealer, after having visited their website before leaving the house. They seemed like an honest car dealer and the lady I talked to seemed very personable. I felt that any car on this lot would be a good choice. Not wanting to make a mistake, however, I took some time looking at other places and even took some time to stop at an indoor flea market to have some lunch and take a break from the search. While perusing the treasures there, the song came on the overhead speakers, Calling All Angels. I smiled because I knew the Angels were watching over me and I felt their presence all around me. Although my husband questions my decision to help my daughter buy yet another car, I felt it was what I needed to do. The Angels supported my decision and helped me find the car I needed to find. I also was able to find my voice and express to my daughter my desires that she stop depending on me for help and learn to support herself.

I guess my point today is that the Angels and Guides are there for us to help us with our everyday lives. They will not interfere on our own free will but they will help us make the best decision if we ask. Maybe buying the car in the first place was not the best decision, or maybe it was, but the Angels were there every step with me letting me know that They supported me and would help me make the best choice.

I am learning that if I need direction or signs from the Guides and Angels, all I have to do is ask. The signs are there. Sometimes we miss them, sometimes we misinterpret them, but they are there nevertheless. If we are unsure of a sign, the Angels do not mind sending them over and over until we are sure.

Of one thing I am sure. Yes I will make mistakes. Sometimes I will misread signs. But I am getting better at listening. And I am paying attention to the signs I am being sent. And I am never alone.

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