Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Love is All We Need

This morning while on the elliptical machine, which if you have read my blogs is when I get many of my messages from my Angels, I was having trouble at first feeling energetic enough to even be attempting to exercise. I asked Archangel Raphael, which is the Angel of healing, to energize me enough to help me get through my workout. I asked Archangel Gabriel to come through to assist me in communicating any messages that she might have for me to pass on. I felt much better as I continued my workout, and felt lucid enough to hear the message Gabriel had for me to pass on.

I guess my question to the Higher Realms was this: concerning my previous blog when I wrote about judgements we make that come back to haunt us later on, how do we dig up all those old judgements if we don’t even remember making them? I know that every thought we think is a prayer and each prayer is a seed we sow into the soil of our lives. When unwanted things come into our lives, it is sometimes a result of old seeds planted years ago and it is expedient of us to dig up those old seeds and replace them with seeds of love and forgiveness. Archangel Gabriel said to me that love was the key. What we focus on does indeed grow, and as we focus more and more on love and forgiveness, those old seeds of judgements and inner vows will pop up for us to recognize and pull up. Sometimes we will notice a pattern within our lives and as we focus the Light of the Power of Love on those patterns it will be revealed to us an old seed that was planted long ago. There is no need to focus on the old judgements or try to remember them. That will just enlarge their power. What we focus on grows, so if we spend a great deal of time rehashing old wounds, they just reemerge in our lives or gain power. But as we focus on loving ourselves and loving life and loving those around us, sometimes an old wound will pop into our memory. That is when our Higher
Self feels it is safe to reveal to us a secret that, upon releasing this old wound, judgement, or inner vow, we can step up a notch to an even higher vibration.

This is an important point to remember. Love is always the great healer of old wounds. It doesn’t mean we have to love the painful things that have happened to us, but is important to focus the Power of Love on all of the events of our lives. As we focus on the people around us, let us attempt to focus on the things we like about them, and imagine Love as a Great Invisible Pink Vapor that we can send to people without them even knowing it. It should come as no surprise that the people we have the most trouble with are our greatest teachers, for they are teaching us to focus the power of love over the power of our emotional reactions to them or to their actions. It is also important to send this pink vapor to ourselves, for very often we are our own worst enemy. Remember to send the power of love to those parts of ourselves which we find distasteful. Our bodies and our souls knows how we feel anyway, and if those parts feel love, they will be more likely to transform into something beautiful.

So this is the message from the Angels for today……love yourself, love others, especially those things and people that you find distasteful. Love is the Great Healing Balm that will transform our lives and our planet. Remember also to send love to those that are considered our enemies. Both the enemy within and the enemy without. Love is all we truly need.

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