Monday, May 18, 2015


I do not claim to be an astrologist, but I do keep up with the phases of the moon and certain events in the skies that seem to have an effect on my life and the life of those around me.

So this morning on the east coast, a little after midnight, we experienced a new moon in Taurus.

Taurus is an earth sign, and has to do with self worth, personal values, and things that are related to our life in the earth realm.

Depending on whose blogs you read, new moons can be about manifesting new things or letting go of old stuff.

Here is my understanding.

The dark moon and the new moon are a bit different, although they are sometimes used interchangeably.

The dark moon is when there is NO moon, It is dark.

The new moon is right after that. When the darkness of the moon begins to pass and the next phase begins its trek across our sky and our experience.

Symbolically you may correctly ascertain that the best time for releasing things out of your life is when the moon is waning and going into the dark stage and the best time for manifesting would be when the moon begins to become visible again!

This particular new moon is accompanied by a Mercury Retrograde which lasts approximately three weeks. Mercury is all about communication, Traditionally Mercury Retrogrades affects anything having to with our communications with others. Since in modern times we often communicate via the internet, phones, and other electronic devices, be sure that these items may not always function the way they should during Mercury Retrogrades.

However, Mercury Retrogrades are not necessarily a bad thing,  We get to revisit our communications with others, We get to bring closure to outstanding issues in our lives. We get to take some time out and look at our recent past and see if there are some things we have been avoiding. With the new moon in Taurus, this is a perfect time for revisiting our relationships with others, our relationship with our money, our values, and things that are important to us. If there is an imbalance, now is the perfect time to set things right.

This past week my body indicated to me that there was an imbalance. I found it necessary to experience an emergency appendectomy. Up until that day, I will admit that I had allowed my life to become a bit imbalanced. I was charging forward like Taurus the bull, accepting every invite, every opportunity that presented itself. Working full time again at the Post Office, doing weddings and readings and classes on weekends and sometimes after a full day at the Post Office, I was headed toward a screeching halt.

This week is my week to recharge. To decide which opportunities to take, and which ones to release. What a perfect week to do this!

I am planning a double whammy ritual this evening. The actual dark moon has passed, and the new moon is now upon us. However, I have a two fold agenda. I am making two lists. One list contains the things I am ready to release, and the other list contains the things I am ready to invite or manifest into my life.

May I suggest you do something similar in your time with Spirit as well.

I like to incorporate the particular element that is related to the moon when doing my rituals. In this case Taurus is an earth sign, so I will bring the earth into my ritual. I will take my two pieces of paper containing my intentions. The one that  contains the things I am releasing, I will stand outside (weather permitting) and say something like this:

Higher Beings of Love and Light, Universe, Higher Self and My Own Soul, I thank you for the experiences of life that have brought me to this moment, I thank all of the things that I am now releasing for the lessons you have taught me and the value you have had in my life up until this point. I am now ready to release you to the earth and out of my life.

I will then dig a hole in the earth, asking the Earth for permission first of course and asking where in the Earth to dig the hole. I will tear up the paper into tiny pieces and bury the pieces into the earth, thanking the Earth for accepting the energy of those things to the betterment of my soul.

Now to the second part of my ritual. I will take my second list of things I want to manifest into my life. I will say a similar incantation, or prayer, something like this:

Higher Beings of Love and Light, Universe, Higher Self and My Own Soul: I now humbly ask your help in manifesting these things into my life. As I team up with you I thank you for your partnership with me in bringing into my life my intentions. 

Now is the fun part! Being spring and time to plant new things in your yard or whatever space you have available, find a pot of dirt and a plant that you would like to grow. You can tear up your piece of paper into little pieces and place it in the bottom of the pot. Fill the pot with dirt and the plant and water it. Thank the plant and the dirt for its partnership with you as you manifest your intentions!

If you do not possess a green thumb or the ability to grow a plant, for whatever reason,you can do your ritual in whatever way speaks to you. Place your paper under a rock. Rocks are very powerful earth elements. Go to the mountains somewhere and plant your intentions. Use the element of earth. Even if you burn the paper and then spread the ashes into the earth somewhere that is still using the element of earth in your ritual. Have fun! Use your favorite spiritual tools. Remember to make your ritual speak to your soul.

The earth, the stars and the planets, whether you believe that they have real power over your life or not, are there to remind you of the things of the Spirit. Nothing really has any meaning unless it has meaning to YOU. Rituals are for your benefit. They bring your thoughts and words and actions together for a specific purpose.

Have fun and relax! Remember that life is on your side! These tools that I suggest are for your benefit and are meant to bring joy into your life in a greater way! Whatever means you find to bring joy into your life is good!

If you would like some personal attention, I am always available for phone, Skype or email consultations. If you live near me, I am available at specific dates and times listed on my WEBSITE.

Blessings to you on this special day!

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