Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Soul Retrievals and Jesus

People often ask me what a soul retrieval is and how does it benefit us.

A couple of years ago, I wrote a couple of blogs explaining some of these terms. you can read about it here. In a short version, a soul retrieval is when a shaman or shamanic practitioner goes into the nonphysical world to get back pieces of your soul which you have lost during traumatic or emotionally charged events, or pieces of yourself that you have given away or lost through deep soul connections.

We are familiar with the many love songs out there which talk about giving our soul away to someone who we love. At some point the relationship may end, but our soul stays with that person.

Or possibly there was a traumatic event in your life in which you felt like a part of your disappeared, or got lost.

Have you ever had that dream where you are lost and can't find your way home? It may be a message from your soul that a part of you can't find its way back to you.

How about a belief system in which you are asked to give your soul to some Higher Power?

Yeah. About that. I know about that.

I grew up a born again Christian. The whole philosophy I grew up with was the fact that if we didn't give our soul to Jesus we were doomed to Hell. I did that. I gave my soul to Jesus. Many times. (I was afraid that the first time didn't take. I didn't feel any different afterward and thought I should have.)

Now may I interject here that I have no issues with Jesus. He and I talk frequently.

As a matter of fact, the other day, (before my recent experience with appendicitis), I was at the gym on my favorite piece of equipment, the elliptical. For some reason I find it easy to connect the the Other Realms while on that machine. I haven't figured out the why, but I am not one to argue with Spirit.

So anyway, here I am, pumping my arms and my legs on this piece of gym equipment, when the number 333 pops up on the screen in front of me. This is a sign to me that Someone Upstairs wants to talk to me. Okay like it is a phone call from the Ascended Masters..and Jesus is one of only a couple of Ascended Masters I communicate with.

So I went on up to the Upper Realms. And there is Jesus. We talked a bit about some pretty cool things, which I may talk about some other time. This is a blog about soul retrieval.

So Jesus says to me, Oh by the way, I have something that belongs to you.

OH yeah? What?

You gave me this a long time ago and I wanted to give it back to you. It is a piece of your soul.

Say what? Jesus stole a piece of my soul? NO I gave it to Him. And He wanted to give it back.

Don't you want to keep it? I protested. You probably should. I did give it to you.

No, I want you to have it back. You need all the pieces of your soul.  This is your soul. This is your life. I am always here to help you but I don't want your soul.

Really? That doesn't really fit with Christian philosophy, I protested. I thought that giving you my soul was my only way of securing salvation.

Hmmm. Jesus said. But you don't really believe that anymore, do you?

Well, no. But you are Jesus. You might know a little bit more than me.

Yes, well you know very well that what you say and what someone hears are very often two different things. A lot of the things I said were misinterpreted. So many people think they are doing themselves a favor giving me their souls. I have them all here. When they are ready I will give them back.

I think that most people think you are probably better at running their lives than they are. Maybe they are looking to you to guide them so that they don't make any mistakes. Or maybe they want to make sure they get into heaven.

Would you please tell everyone that they are doing fine. Yes I am always here to help them. I am always here to guide them. But they need their souls. I am here to show them that they can access Divine Wisdom themselves.

So there it is. I did a soul retrieval on myself while on the elliptical machine at the gym and Jesus was the one giving me my soul back.

What happened after that?

Well, to be honest, for the next couple of days I found myself being very angry, saying words I don't normally say, losing my temper, yelling at other drivers on the highway, and being a rather nasty little bitch. Hmm. I have never ever been that person. Maybe the soul part I gave to Jesus was not a very nice person. Or maybe she was just angry that she had been gone away from me for so long and had missed out on so much of my life. I did give her away at a very young age.

So after a couple of days, I finally figured out that this little nasty bitch that had come into my body needed to be comforted. I told her that I was sorry to have given her away. I told her that surely being with Jesus was not that bad that she had to act out this way.  I told her that I had a pretty good life now and that I would like her to be a part of it, but the angry part needed to be dealt with and let go.

So I did. I let go of all the anger. Anger at the things that I had believed that I had learned were not true. Anger that the things I expected Jesus to take care of He had not done. Anger that in His infinite wisdom he had realized that I needed to do some things for myself. Anger that Jesus had not lived up to my expectations. Apparently He did not like the job of making my life work. Some things I needed to do and learn for myself.

I suddenly realized that Jesus had given me the gift of myself.

I now believe that Jesus never wanted to be given our souls. He never threatened to send us to eternal damnation if we didn't. His message was one of love, and forgiveness, and acceptance. He wants us to know that we have the power within ourselves to create a wonderful life of love and happiness and joy. I know this because I live it. And Jesus is not mad at  me for taking my soul back. Hell, He is the one who gave it back to me!

I know for some of you this is dangerously close to heresy! The whole concept of salvation is in question! I say, YES! Question everything! Only keep those parts of your belief system that feel good in your soul! If you feel wonderful with Jesus holding your soul, then I am sure He is safely watching over it for you!  For me, I feel good having all my soul parts with me. Jesus is always there for me to turn to for advice or help, But the choice is mine. I believe that we are here on this earth experiencing this life not to benefit Jesus, but to benefit our own souls. Not to fight demons and win the earth back from the devil. Any devils we need to conquer are mostly within ourselves.

Let us lay down all of our thoughts and beliefs about God, and life, and really look within ourselves and feel what rings true to our souls. When we really feel joy in our existence on this earth plane, then we will know we have found the answer.

Do you sometimes feel a bit lost, or that some part of you is stuck in another plane of existence? Do you sometimes dream of being lost and can't find your way back home? Have you had a traumatic experience, when after it was over, you never quite felt the same afterward?

You may benefit from a soul retrieval! Although I prefer to do them in person, I also offer soul retrievals over the phone if you are not in my area. There are many wonderful healers who also offer this amazing healing experience. Find the healer that rings true to your soul, and go looking for those lost pieces of your self. We are meant to be whole, happy, and present in our bodies and in our life on this earth plane,

You can contact me on my WEBSITE and let's get started finding YOU.

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