Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Soul Retrieval 101

Most of us have experienced soul loss at one time or another. We have all lost pieces of ourselves through lost loves, trauma, or many other experiences in life in which we have given parts of our soul to situations, people and experiences.

We have made vows to others .... "till death do us part"... "I will always love you"... "I am nothing without you".. "you complete me". These sentiments, although we meant them at the time, put us in danger of giving a piece of our soul to someone else. I am not saying that we cannot love another person without giving them a piece of our soul, but when the relationship ends, or changes, your soul does not just automatically come back to you.

What about childhood friendships? Have you ever found yourself frequently thinking about someone from your past who you haven't seen in years?

Remember that we are all connected. Our words and our thoughts create our experiences. If we constantly think about a person from our past, or we talk about them, or we pine over a lost love, or even if we badmouth them, we are in danger of either losing a piece of our soul or stealing a piece which belongs to someone else! We create these invisible strings tying us to our past. I am not saying that every time we pine over a lost love or think about a hurt or a loss we lose or give away a piece of our soul, but once we find ourselves in the habit of thinking or speaking about an event or a person from our past frequently, it is a real possibility.

Remember that everything in life has its own energy. The chair you are sitting on, the trees in your backyard, your favorite shoes. Anything that you have experienced in your life that has generated a strong emotion has left an imprint upon the chair, the tree, and the favorite pair of shoes. So in addition to its own energy, there is a small piece of you that remains with each thing you touch. The emotional response any particular memory emits is a good sign as to whether you may have left a piece of your soul behind.

One really good indication is our dreams.

Do you ever have that dream about being lost?

I think we all probably have that dream at one time or another. Now this dream does not always mean your soul is lost, but frequently this is the case. We are such very large multidimensional beings. There is so much we do not know. I will find myself having this dream over and over during particular times in my life. Sometimes I know intuitively that a piece of my soul has wandered off or gotten stolen, and sometimes I just know that as wanderers on the earth we are all looking for our home, and sometimes we forget that home is not somewhere off in the stars. Our home is here, inside our body, inside our consciousness that is here and now. Life becomes so much more enjoyable when we are not looking for fulfillment or joy in some other place and time. So often we send pieces of our soul into the future.. to "someday, when I find my true love, I will be happy," or "someday, when I have the perfect job and the perfect house and the perfect children... then I will be fulfilled."  May I suggest that it is entirely possible that we may never meet up with the pieces of our soul which we have sent away into the future. It is so important to be here, now. You need all the pieces of your soul with you, today, and every day.

As you can see, there are a multitude of scenarios which could have precipitated the experience of soul loss. We all could probably benefit from a session with someone trained in getting back those pieces of our soul which we have lost. However, there are some steps you can take to get back your own soul!

Every morning... well okay not every morning but most mornings when I think about it, I call back my soul from any universes or realities in which it may have wandered off. It is pretty simple, really. I just say..

"I call back any pieces of my soul that may have been lost or wandered off...and I give back any pieces of souls that may have attached to me or that I may have stolen unintentionally."

You should instantly feel more like yourself. If you still feel like a part of you is missing, or that something is off, you should ask your soul to call to you the healer that is right for you. If you feel that person is me, you can contact me through my website.

We all  need to be in our bodies experiencing as much joy as we can handle. Every second in our bodies should be a joyful expression of our soul in ecstasy. We don't need artificial stimulants to live a life of joy every day. We just need to be in our skin, looking out of our own eyes with joyful expectation.

What gives you joy? Just for today, look within yourself and see if all of you is in there. If not, go on a hunting trip to find yourself. It is worth the effort!

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