Monday, September 8, 2014

I'm Back!! And Thoughts About the Full Moon

My last blog was almost a month ago. I wrote about my trip to Florida and my dad, who had taken a fall and was in the hospital. At the time we were not sure if he would stay here or go on to his next adventure.

I was in Florida for the biggest part of the month, sitting by his bedside until he took his last breath.

It was interesting how the Universe works things out. There was relatively little scheduling conflicts. A few little lost emails and I seemed to have very few hiccups to work out.

Dad sent me a song on the radio to let me know that "everything is going to be all right."

There were tears. I am not a person who cries much, really, so the tears were a little hard for me to take. But grief is a natural function of our humanness, so I allowed it to flow freely, for awhile. And then I picked myself up by the shoestrings, so to speak, and rose up and said to myself, "okay, it's time to go back to living now."

So I thought that this full moon was the perfect time to jump back in with a message from Spirit.

The message is... sometimes we think that the world is just going to stop. It won't. The moon will continue to wax and wane. The rain will fall. The sun will shine. The flowers will bloom and then they will fade. Life goes on whether we are ready or not.

Our lives are made up of moments. I think back on the moments that reflect my relationship to dad. Most of them are fond memories. Some more than others. Watching him struggle to take his last breaths are not the moments that I like to think of fondly, but those moments too are part of the whole of my experience with my dad. We have to take the good with the not so good.

I think it is all about acceptance. Sure there are some experiences in life that I choose to reflect on over and over with fondness. And there are others that are not so fond. But the sun and the moon continue their trek across the sky. I breathe in. I breathe out. And life goes on.

Full moons are all about manifesting. And celebrating what we have already manifested into our lives. When the new moon came in August I was preparing to leave Florida and come back home. It was a perfect symbol of leaving the past behind and starting anew. Sometimes the moon is there to whisper its song to us, " it is time to start again. It is time to rise again."

And then eventually it shines in all its glory. And then, once again, it begins to wane again.

Life is all about cycles. I am in the place now where I seem to know that time is not linear. It doesn't start at one point and go in a straight line into some point in the future. Many thought a couple of years ago that the Mayan calendar was indicating an end, like a point in time when everything stopped. But we got up the next day, we went to work, and life went on. However, I can say that on some level, it could have been the end of a cycle.

In the course of our lives, we will experience many such cycles. Something will end, and something else will be born in its place. Life will go on, in some form.

Just for today, let us celebrate all that has been born into our lives. Yes, sometimes something has to go away in order for something new to come. It is okay to grieve over what is going away, but don't let your grief last too long. Something new is waiting to be born.

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