Friday, April 26, 2013

The Lady of the Lake

My husband and I arrived here in Lake George New York yesterday for the Glory Hounts  Paranormal event. The tourist season has not yet begun so it was very quiet. My custom when I go to an area, especially when I may be doing some sort of spiritual work, is to call upon the Spirit of the land where I am and request permission first. The weather was cool but not unbearable so I decided to attempt to connect out by a tree by the lake.
Immediately upon entering the non physical realm my power animal the Dragon showed up. He appeared to rise out of the ground and was extremely large so I thought at first that he was the Spirit of the land. However he made himself known to me and let me know that the Spirit of the land actually lived in the center of the lake. I was taken by Spirit into the center of the lake and was warmly greeted by a friendly female presence. I call her the lady of the lake because she did not tell me her name.
She asked me why I had contacted her and I told her that it was my custom to request permission before doing any spiritual work in a location. She thanked me and offered her blessings.
I don't know if there will be opportunity to offer to be of service to Spirit, but I suggest that others who serve Spirit might take up this custom. There are what we in shamanism know are Spirits of the Land who are in charge of geographical locations. We can be of greater service if we have the blessings of those who are in charge. And it is not us.

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