Thursday, April 25, 2013

And What About Money?

In my last two blogs I have written a little bit about who I am and how I came to walk this path. This is repetitious to some of you, but I did mention that I am starting to connect with some new people who are not familiar with my particular style or belief system, so I have felt led of Spirit to give a little bit of background information as well as explain the meaning of some terms that maybe some of you are not familiar with.

In this blog I am going to talk about the hush hush subject of money. Why do healers charge for their services? And should we?

When I was of service in the church that I belonged to, I always gave messages free of charge. When I first started on this path without the covering of the church, I continued in this practice. Although I was paying money to attend workshops and receive training in improving my natural abilities, I always felt like I was given a gift and how could I think to charge people to receive messages or channel healing energy to them? In the beginnings of my path to healing, I had a wonderful inner healer who never charged me for her services, and the first mentor I had also chose not to charge me for her mentoring. How could I charge for my services when I had received some of my healing free of charge? And if I did charge,  did this mean that people who could not afford my services would never get to receive a message or healing energy from the Higher Powers?

This is what I began to notice. I would give a person a session, free of charge. Sometimes they would experience a healing, and sometimes I never got feedback as to the benefit. However, sometime down the line, I would hear that the same person ended up going to someone who did the same exact thing that I did, only they paid that person a fee for the service. For some reason the person who charged, for the mere fact that they charged, seemed to have more credibility than I did. At some point the "client", if you want to call them that, although they did not pay, would tell me about some revelation that they had received from this other person, and it would be almost word for word for what I had told them, but for some reason, the other person was legit. Maybe they had a degree or a paper on the wall, or perhaps just a website. One person was a pet psychic. The information was different, but it got the person to keep calling back.

Another example. Have you, as parents, noticed that when you give something to your children which costs them nothing, they do not appreciate it as much as something they earn, or work for, or pay for? This is called by some energy exchange. The theory is that if something costs you nothing, it has no lasting value for you. We can look at welfare and some of the benefits of the poor and notice that at some point people almost feel entitled to be given to. I will  not get into a debate into politics but the simple fact is that we value most things that cost us something. I noticed when I was a renter I was not nearly as fond of my living space and not so inclined to nurse it and take good care of it as I was when I bought my first house.

So at some point I decided to begin to charge for my services. I have never charged as much as my counterparts because I want to be affordable for all, and because I have my income from the Post Office, my other job, to pay my bills. Sometimes I will decide, on an individual basis, to offer my services for free or a reduced charge, but this is entirely led by Spirit. I had heard of a local wedding officiant who did not charge for her services, but this I feel is a bad beginning to a marriage. If a couple cannot afford to pay an officiant, then maybe they should wait before they get married. They want their wedding and their marriage to mean something, and if they have not had to pay to get married, how likely are they to fight for their marriage when things get tough? I guarantee a divorce is going to cost them something, and much more than what they paid to get married. For this reason I do charge a minimal fee, especially in relation to others who do the same things I do.  This does not mean I am in this for the money. I want to be a blessing to all, and for this reason I have been posting messages from Spirit now for three years on my blog, which is free to all and accessible to all.

So to the charge that those who charge for healing or messages from Spirit are prostituting their gifts, this is my response. Go to a medical doctor and see what you get for free. Look within yourself and see if the things you have gotten for free have had value to you. No the best things in life are not free.  All of the valuable things I have learned in my lifetime have been the things that have cost me something. I will always offer my services to those who cannot afford, by my own discretion, of course, at a free or reduced charge. But the laws of the Universe state that nothing is ever free. At some point in your life, you will pay for everything. It may or may not be money, but everything costs you something.

So if you are trying to get something for nothing, remember that what you are after will not have lasting value to you.  This is why many who win the lottery are not able to hold on to their winnings. This principle has not sunk into their consciousness.

If you have been the recipient of the generosity of others, please pay it forward. Appreciate those things you have received and learned at the expense of someone else. Freely you have received, freely give. And remember, there is no such thing as a free lunch.


  1. Brilliant! This is such a loaded topic, especially amongst "spiritual" people. People are not just paying for a service, they are paying for your expertise. Your expertise is based on your experiences and training--all of which cost YOU money & time. Even a token of payment is a sense of commitment from a client, and they are more likely to value the service. :-) H.

    P.S. Word Verification: "EnerapG mine" which I read as "Energy mine" at first. Haha

  2. Thank you for posting this and I agree with your concept. I too have wondered if part of my issue in building clients is because i dont charge enough. This gives me something to definitely think about. Got my wheels turning :)