Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sit Down and Eat!

Recently I dreamed I was at a magnificent banquet. I was dressed up and looking good. My hubby was at my side. We were at a beautiful mansion with many rooms. There was some spirit activity around that I noticed as I walked through the rooms. Then we came to the room with all the food. There were many tables full of delicious food and we started to fill up our plates. It was a happy dream. Then in the dream I noticed that I had missed something at a previous table and so I set down my plate and went to get it. When I came back my plate was empty. I looked to fill up my plate again but all the food had been taken by other guests and replaced with desserts. Not wanting desert I looked around for some other food but all I could find was a little bit of baked fish and green beans. So I filled up my plate with the two items I found and decided to be content with the fish and green beans.

Upon awaking I contemplated the meaning of the dream. Sometimes when I am stuck if I write about it then the answer comes to me. I began to write, and, as has been the case in the past few months, I got interrupted. So I just saved the part I had written, and went to take care of whatever the interruption happened to be at the time. I did find it interesting that evening, having told no one the dream, that my husband just happened that evening to cook fish and vegetables containing green beans for dinner. However, the answer still eluded me.

At least a week or so went by, and I never got back to sitting back down and contemplating the dream. Anyone who has been reading my blogs regularly may have noticed that the blogs have been coming less frequently. I still have been meeting with people and giving them insight on their lives based upon the messages I get from my Angels and Guides, and by shamanic journeying, but the writing had all but stopped. My time alone seemed all but nonexistent, and it takes a great deal of inner research and tuning into my Guides to receive messages meant for the blog.

Then this morning I happened to have a little time to myself. The house was quiet, and I decided to sit down and see if the Angels had a message to relay. I remembered the dream and went back to reread it. Oh, my, and there came my "aha" moment. The dream was trying to tell me that even though a banquet had been laid out before me, I had gotten distracted with other things and allowed others to "steal" from my plate! Yes, in the past couple of months I have been intent on guiding others and helping them to repattern their lives. It has taken a great deal of my time and energy. And there had been nothing left for me.

There have been warnings from Spirit that this was happening. I gained a few pounds, due to giving up my exercise routine to take care of others. I have been taking my "feel good" vitamins more frequently. Not to mention the dream that it took me over a week to understand. And then there was a friend, who, through her guide, told me I needed a spanking. I was giving up all of myself and feeling unappreciated as a result. Yes, my plate was empty and there was no more food.

Let me say that I don't in any way blame those who I have been assisting. There comes a time when we have to take personal responsibility for the way we allow others to treat us. Hmmm, that sounds dangerously familiar to the advice I gave out not too long ago to someone else.

So I guess this blog is for all those out there who allow others to steal off their plate. Guard your plate! There is a banquet set before you. Only you can fill your own plate. I am remembering that verse in Psalms that says.. You have prepared a table before me in the presence of my enemies. ... Even if God Himself prepares a banquet for you, you have to sit down and eat! Don't think about... I wonder who the enemy is that is stealing off my plate... you know who it is. You just guard your plate and sit down and eat!


  1. WOW. It doesn't matter how infrequent your writing is, the gems that come thru are worth the wait! Brilliant! :-) H.

  2. you're my biggest fan.. and you give me a lot of great ideas too......thanks!!