Monday, January 24, 2011


A while back I was driving to a friend's house and turned on my GPS even though I was relatively sure how to get to her house. At least twenty minutes before I was to reach the road where I was to turn to get to her house, my GPS gave me directions to turn on an unfamiliar road. I was sure the GPS must be mistaken and I kept going the way my mind knew to get to her house. At one point my GPS repeatedly said, "make the next u-turn, make the next u-turn." I could almost hear the computer lady inside my phone screaming at me that I had made a mistake. So I called my friend and she assured me I was going the right way. I did finally make it to her house and we had a lovely visit.

Just out of curiosity and because I was not in a time constraint to get home that evening, I decided to turn on my GPS and just follow the directions it gave me. Interestingly enough, my GPS cut at least fifteen minutes off my trip!!

This was such a lesson to me about listening to our internal GPS. We all have an inner guidance system that is constantly giving us directions. How often do we listen even if the directions we are receiving do not make sense to our conscious mind?

Then more recently my whole GPS lesson was put into question. My husband and I were driving to a location and we turned on our GPS only after my husband realized he may have missed our exit. We put in the address we wanted to go to and it seems that our GPS did not know that the road it had instructed us to turn on was a dead end street. We had to end up turning off the GPS and finding the address ourselves.

The thing we have to realize is that the GPS can only guide us with the information it has been given. Obviously whoever programmed the GPS didn't know that this street was a dead end. Maybe it was a street that used to go through but something changed. So I was forced to look within myself and find out if there was a lesson in this new incident.

I had my own preconceived ideas of this trip we were taking and how it was going to go. The end result was that the outcome was not at all like I had conceived it in my mind. I think my Guides were showing me that sometimes we may think that our internal guidance system is directing us but instead it may have old information that has not been updated. What we may think is direction from the higher realms may just be our own thinking clouding the ability of the higher realms to get through. And then our Guides have to throw us something completely out of left field, so to speak, to shake up what we believe and show us that something has changed. The street we thought we were supposed to take is now a dead end street and we will have to find another way.

I guess one way to look at this is that our Guides will only work with what has been programmed into us. Ten years ago I would not have gotten the same messages that I get now because my belief system at that time did not support some of the beliefs that I have now adopted. My internal GPS had to be reprogrammed to include more up to date information. It has taken many years for my internal GPS to be programmed the way it is now and I am sure that there will be many times when it will need to be updated or reprogrammed to include changes that my present belief system will not understand.

It is still always in our best interests to trust our inner guidance system. Yes sometimes it will need to be updated to include new information that was not available or acceptable to us in the past. If we end up on a wrong street, then there is a lesson to be learned there. Sometimes the lessons are in the side streets and the detours, not necessarily in the destination.


  1. Really nice one! It's funny...I am just about to buy a gps because I spend so much time on the road. I have heard that sometimes they can be wrong...or just not updated. Gregg Braden talks about how we and the Universe are a huge computer...linked together. Makes sense doesn't it?

  2. Terri.. I love the fact that my phone has built in GPS for no extra took awhile for me to learn to use it though, but now I can tell it where I want to go and it will find it for me. It seems to me that when we are tuned into Spirit properly, we should be able to do the same things.....