Monday, January 17, 2011

I Have a Dream

In light of Martin Luther King Jr's birthday and the holiday we are celebrating today honoring him, I was thinking about his speech entitled, "I Have a Dream". He envisioned men and women of all colors getting along with one another and equal rights for all and he spent his life in pursuit of this dream. Today we can see great progress in the area of acceptance of all people, although we still have not reached the complete manifestation of all Martin Luther King, Jr, envisioned.

But my thoughts turn to the dreams in each of our hearts. What do you have in your heart? What dreams propel you forward on your path through life? Do you even have a dream and what are you doing to bring it to pass? Will it benefit only you or others as well?

Whether we like to admit it or not, the things we think about the most are our dreams. Our thoughts create our reality. If we are thinking about moving to a new location, for example, we will spend lots of time and energy in pursuit of finding a location we want to move to, a job to meet our financial needs, a house to live in, a way to move all of our belongings to this new location. The more we think about this move, the more excited we become as we plan out the transition. This becomes our dream. Our emotions are high as we get excited over all the planning. We may even envision how our furniture will look in the rooms of the house we plan to move into. This is a wonderful blueprint for creating the manifestation of our dreams.

Here is another scenario. Have you ever had a relationship problem and you knew that at some point a confrontation would occur? Did you go over and over in your mind what you would say when this confrontation happened? Did you imagine how this person would probably perceive you and what reactions you would have to what they might say? I can hear your thoughts now. "Well he is going to say this and then I will say that and then he will say this and I will say that....." Let me ask you this? Did you imagine the conversation going well or did you imagine the worst case scenario? I will have to admit I have done both. Let me give you an idea. What if you imagined the person in front of you and imagine their soul, their higher self facing you and then you say what is on your heart and tell them how you feel and imagine them understanding how you are feeling and the issue being resolved or at least some understanding coming out of the interaction? This could also be considered a dream. In a way you are dreaming of the end result of a meeting of two souls. You can create a positive meeting just by envisioning what you would like to see as a result of the interaction.

We all have interactions and relationships with people we don't really care to be around. What if, instead of dreading these interactions or expecting the worst, we expected positive results from interacting with these people? This doesn't mean we have to like everyone and hang out with them indefinitely. It just means that when we are around these people we can accept them for who they are without judgment. This is also a dream. Dream of positive interactions with others, especially those you may not like. Who knows? It is very possible that unconsciously you created this scenario so that you could mend an issue with this soul that you may have created in a past life. You may be constantly creating the reenacting of your relationship with this person in multiple lifetimes until you can resolve the issues with this person.

As you can see, dreams can take many forms. We always want our dreams to be positive, but sometimes if we are thinking about something continually, or dreading something that we are afraid will happen that has not happened yet, that is also a dream. We are creating the reality of it simply by thinking about it all the time. If you are dreaming, for example, of finding a life partner, are you thinking about how lonely you are right now or are you thinking about how good it will feel to have someone around who your soul loves, who is there to experience with you all the good things that are to come? If you are thinking of how you feel now without that special someone, then chances are that person will never show up, because that is your dream. Make your dream something good! Imagine how great it will feel to have that thing you are dreaming of, not how it feels now without it.

When we have conquered all the dreams of things we want to create for ourselves, then we can free up some time to create things on a larger scale, like Martin Luther King, Jr did. He dreamed of a world of equality where we all valued each other as human beings. That is a great dream to adopt. As we all collectively think about the manifestation of this dream, we help to create the reality of it.

The good news is we can dream more than one thing at a time. We can be dreaming of world peace at the same time we are dreaming of a new car. It's okay. It's allowed. We are here to be creators. What are you creating?

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