Thursday, November 11, 2010

What's in Store for Me?

I like reading those messages that various people channel from the Higher Realms and they tell us what to expect in the coming month or maybe the coming year. Some tell us what planets are lined up and what each planet means based on its position. Sometimes it's nice to know that the reason my appliances are acting up is maybe because of a particular planet that is wrecking havoc with electrical appliances or maybe it is because my vibration is changing and I need to realign my energy with the energy in my house. I know that when my Angels and Guides are around my washing machine likes to announce their presence with continual beeping.

So today I was talking to my Guides and I asked them to give me one of those kind of messages that could tell people who read my blog what to expect in the coming weeks or months. This is the answer that I got....I wrote it down exactly as it was coming to me so I refer to myself as the recipient of the message.

Joy, you know that every individual walking on the planet has a slightly different vibration. All of the things that make each person unique also makes their experience unique. Yes, sometimes the planets and other factors may make circumstances favorable for certain events to affect a large amount of people, but this does not necessarily have to be the case. Just because Venus is in retrograde doesn't mean that every individual is going to experience problems with their relationships. The potential is there, but each person's vibration and each person's focus play a role in what they experience. If all a person thinks about is how much they love and appreciate all their primary relationships, it is doubtful that they will experience much in the area of relationship problems, whether Venus is in retrograde or not. Remember that what you focus on grows.

In other words, if you want to experience love, then eat and drink and think about love. Don't think about how much you want it or think you need it or especially not about how much you aren't experiencing it. Instead, focus on the things in life there is to love. Love the toaster. Love your breath. Love the cat. Love all the things that touch your life. And love is what you will experience.

The same thing works for money, or a new house or a new car. Non physical things even work better, like peace, happiness, or comfort. See yourself enjoying those things that you want.

So this was my message from the Universe, decide what you want, and then create it. And what if there is something you don't want? Release it. Are you experiencing chaos or turmoil of some kind? Speak out of your mouth that you walk in peace. See all your relationships as peaceful. See your work environment as peaceful.

Do you need money or a job? Find a quarter, or a dollar bill. Carry it around in your pocket. Many times during the day, hold the coin in your hand and love it. Feel the energy of love go into the coin and say either out loud or silently that you love that money. Imagine yourself jumping around in a pile of hundred dollar bills. Imagine yourself working at a job that appreciates you, that you enjoy and that pays you well.

Create the life you want. And enjoy the one you have. After you have made a list of the things you want to create and you have visualized them and you have said how much you love those things, then make a plan. Put feet to your prayers. Don't just sit back and wait for diamonds to drop out of the sky.

I guess my Angels aren't the ones that like to float around on the clouds. They are the ones creating the clouds that others sit on.

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