Sunday, November 7, 2010


This week I had the opportunity to be in a lot of different social situations. I had been paying attention to my emotions lately due to the previous messages I had received from the Angels dealing with emotions. I was allowing myself to feel the emotions that came up in different situations and then releasing them. In some cases the emotions did not flow out of my experience without some work on my part. I realized that I had some emotions that had evidently been hiding out for awhile and had been waiting for the right opportunity to present themselves. Being somewhat empathic did not help matters because sometimes I wonder if the emotions I am feeling are mine or someone else's. At times I pick up on different emotions that others are feeling and I mistake them for my own. Most of the time I am able to discern if they are mine or someone eles's simply by noticing if my feelings suddenly change when I am around a particular person or location and if they dissipate once I change locations or get distance from the person I am picking up on.

So this evening I was driving home from an event that I had enjoyed and it just so happened that one of the attendees had fixed for everyone this amazing soup. Upon asking my Angels to give me some wisdom concerning the differences in the emotions surrounding the different events I had attended, the Angels gave me the analogy of soup. This evening I had left this particular event feeling good. I remembered the soup and the Angels told me that the energy of everyone in the room of the event I had attended were like ingredients in a soup. Each had their own particular flavor, and each added a different taste to the soup that our energies had created. In the previous events that I had attended during the week, each person in attendance was also an ingredient in that particular soup that made up the event. The Angels made sure I understood that no particular soup is better than another kind. It is just different. It is like comparing chili to chicken vegetable soup. They are both good, but they taste completely different. Now some people may love chili but hate chicken vegetable and some may prefer corn chowder. If someone who loves being an ingredient in chili suddenly finds themselves part of a corn chowder, they may feel a bit out of sorts. How do you make conversation with an ingredient in corn chowder when you have only been exposed to chili?

I think it is good to expose yourself to all different kinds of soup. How do you know if you love only chili if you have never had chicken vegetable? Yes it may feel a bit uncomfortable at first. But maybe you are the very ingredient the chicken vegetable has been missing. Each ingredient in the soup has its own flavor and its own part in the unique combination of flavors. Imagine yourself as maybe the onion that flavors both the vegetable and the chili soup. Imagine either soup without the onion. The energies that each of us bring to the social situations we find ourselves in make the particular flavors that make up the unique combinations that eventually combine into a flavorful soup. One ingredient more or less will make a difference in the taste of the soup.

Sometimes we will go home from a social occasion and it will take some time for the combinations of ingredients we have interacted with to wear off so that we feel like ourselves again. That's okay. We will find that our energies will come back to us and we will once again remember who we are. And that person is always changing. Maybe we will one day find that even though for years we loved chili, one day we will wake up and find that we have a taste for chicken vegetable. And chili just doesn't taste like it used to. That means that we are growing, we are changing, and that is good.

To all my chili friends and to all my chicken vegetable friends, I love you all........

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