Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Two Inspirations Equal One Blog

As I have posted recently, I have been instructed by Spirit to take some time of rest and reflection. I did not decide beforehand whether or not I would be posting any blogs, and I had decided to lay aside any agendas other than the things that were already on my calendar.

My agenda was to meditate, to reflect, and maybe catch up on some reading.

I did have some already scheduled classes and private sessions on the books, which I am happily engaged in.

Here are two of my observations so far.

My two week vacation from the Post Office ended and I was back to work on Monday.  I walked in after two weeks off to a war of sorts. Management vs Union. Even my dream job that I have been happily engaged in for a few months has come into question. Ah.. the temptation to panic. To confront one or other side and try to do damage control.

My dilemma.... do I take sides? do I do whatever I need to do to make sure my job is intact?

My decision.. I think I will let the Universe take care of it. I am going to say my newly learned mantra.... OM MA NI PAD ME HUM... (loosely translated I think it means.. thank the Universe for taking care of everything in the best possible way)... and watch cartoons with my grandson.

As grandson fell asleep watching cartoons, I happened upon this article which explained some of the power struggles.... http://spiritlibrary.com/sarah-varcas/9th-september-2013-cosmic-reflections-on-power.  

As chance would have it, or Source, or Divine Comedian, it seems I have taken the proper course. My message from the Universe.. " just let things occur naturally, Joy. Don't take matters into your own hands."

Now I am not saying that no course of action is always the best course of action. I am saying to listen to your Divine Inner Guidance. In my case, I was instructed to do nothing.

Coincidentally, or not, I came upon this blog... http://www.anaelisamiranda.com/1/post/2013/09/the-day-i-refused-to-crawl-under-my-blanket-and-sulk.html

As synchronicity would have it, I also read a chapter in the book E-Squared (link for it later in blog) which gave instructions for asking for guidance on a decision that needed to be made.. ta da!! Already did that, Universe.. asked.. the answer: "do nothing."

Next observation:

Has anyone noticed all those butterflies? Everywhere I go I am seeing butterflies! I started noticing around the beginning of summer but now they are multiplying in even greater numbers!!

Butterflies represent transformation. They start out as caterpillars. They eventually build cocoons around themselves. When they emerge from their cocoons they are these beautiful magical creatures that mesmerize us all!

Recently I began noticing that butterflies seemed to be appearing in other places as well. On the cover of books I was reading. On walls. Towels. Toothpaste holders. I asked Spirit if there was a message in that for me. My message was that butterflies to me personally also represented psychic awareness. I was recently doing an experiment via  the Hay House book.... E Squared  a book about the law of attraction which included fun experiments that you do to prove to yourself that the law of attraction works. One of the experiments was that you were to ask the Universe for a butterfly. The funny part about my experience was that at the time of the reading of the experiment I was sitting outside on my patio enjoying the summer day reading my book and just before I read the page about asking the Universe for a butterfly, I had enjoyed the experience of a monarch butterfly taking a moment to say hi to me by landing on my knee. It sat there for a moment, then fluttered away. After it flew away, I returned my attention to my book and started reading the experiment to ask the Universe for a butterfly. My Divine Source said to me at that moment.. "see I know what the page is going to say even before you do.."

It also reminds me of that verse in the Bible that says something like... even before you ask, your prayers are answered.

It was a little coincidental, but not, that soon after I was catching up on reading some other lovely blogs when I came upon this one about butterflies..

 Shambalah: and the butterflies came again...:

What comes to me as I am writing this is that we each individually and collectively are in various stages of the butterfly stage. Some of us are still caterpillars, crawling along through life. We wonder why everything is so much bigger than we are and we sometimes feel helpless to change our lives. We sometimes feel that life is too big and too hard and we are ill equipped to handle it. At some point we build a cocoon around ourselves. This is our time of rest and reflection. Or denial. Or withdrawal. Some call it the dark night of the soul. This is the time when we may think that all is dark and closed in. We may feel like sleeping a lot. We may take this time for meditation or prayer.  The time we spend inside our cocoons is different for everyone so we must not judge those who are in their cocoons. Why? Because eventually we will all emerge as butterflies!! Transformation!!  Who knew we were that beautiful when we were just a caterpillar? And then there are those who would say.. "who does she think she is, that butterfly? I knew her since she was just a caterpillar! She is nothing special.." (ha ha, I think that the people in Jesus' hometown said that about him too!)

Anyway, there it is. Two observations so far in my month of personal reflection. Maybe one or the other of my experiences will resonate with you.

Another observation is that I am not the only one in a month of personal reflection. This sentiment was the subject of John Holland 's newsletter this month. It is a good thing to be on the same page with John. I am soon to be in a week long mediumship class facilitated by him in New York..  woo hoo!

Enjoy whatever stage you are in as you transform from a caterpillar to a butterfly. Don't judge where anyone else is on their path to transformation. And don't get into any power struggles. A packed blog with multiple messages. Pick the one that is right for you!

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