Monday, September 16, 2013

Baby Squirrel

Yesterday morning hubby love and I decided to go out and take a walk on our new favorite walking path, which is actually the location of a civil war battle, but which has been turned into a beautiful five mile walking path, with tunnels of trees, a babbling brook laced with wildlife and wild flowers galore, and yes, fields of hay where probably many soldiers met their Maker.

We had walked about a mile or so I guess when we happened upon a tiny shivering baby squirrel. I may have walked on past, but hubby love noticed the tiny creature, and remarked that it was not scurrying away when the sound of our footsteps grew close, as is the custom for most squirrels.

This tiny little critter did not move when we got close enough to snap this photo.

I am not so sure we had ever been in the presence of such a tiny little squirrel, and we couldn't help but feel that it was probably cold and for some reason had been separated from his mom.

Now hubby love and I are  not in the habit of rescuing tiny creatures, so we were unsure what to do next. I put my hand out close to it, thinking of sending it some reiki, and immediately the little furball found its way onto the palm of my hand, and made no haste in crawling up my shirt sleeve!

I guess the little critter figured I was a safe substitute for its mom.

We decided to take it home, and get it warm. I called one of my friends who is known to be a wild animal rescuer, and she told us of the local wild animal rescue, the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center, where we took him/her to be rehabilitated and then released back to the wild where she belongs.

I guess the reason I share is because on the path of life, we may be tempted to walk right on by others on the path, who are in need of rescue. No it is not our job to rescue everyone on the path, only those who are less fortunate and unable to find their own way. No it was not our job to take her home and try to make her a pet, or take it upon ourselves to feed her or decide what was best for her. We took her to those who were more knowledgeable than we were.

Sometimes there are those who are in need who we may not even notice. They are sidelined, for whatever reason, and we are focused on our objectives. But it is so important to keep our eyes and our ears open to what or who may be lurking on the path, always be open to help others if we can.

We never did finish our walk that day, but we did something more important. We helped another traveler through life as she attempted to make it through a scary situation. We helped bring her warmth and comfort in this traumatic experience of being separated from her nest and family.

We are all travelers on the path of life. Sometimes we may be the squirrel, facing a scary situation. We have lost our way, and are in need of rescue. Sometimes we may be the passer by, who may or may not even notice those along the path in need of a helping hand.

May we all open our eyes and ears to those who happen across our path in need of a helping hand.

And if we are the squirrel, may we trust enough to nestle up inside the shirt of a warm helper until we are strong enough to get back out there on the path again.

Blessings to all as we each travel our own paths, and as we come across each other, each in a different stage, but each on the same path.

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