Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Angels are Back!!

For about a month or so some friends and acquaintances and myself have been participating in a ritual in which we have invited some highly evolved Angels into our homes for a period of five days. After the five days we send them on to others. I have written several blogs about  my experiences with these Angels.

One of my peeps was lacking someone to send the Angels to so I agreed for her to send them back to me. It is an important aspect of the ritual to send them forward to someone else who would like to experience their presence. Some laugh at the ritual and say that it is nothing more than a chain letter, but I beg to differ.

Any time you invite the Divine into your home it is a sacred event, and one that is not left unnoticed or unheeded by the Divine aspect. Whether you call them Angels, or Guides, Unseen Helpers, their presence is palpable the moment you open your front door to symbolically let them in. No Angels do not need to come through the door. You understand all parts of the ritual are symbolic. When we open our front door symbolically we are inviting the Divine into our soul. Our homes symbolically represent our souls. The way we live and the way we decorate and clean or not clean or place items in our homes represent how we take care of our souls, so to open our front door and invite Angels into our homes symbolize how we invite the Divine into our hearts. And that Unseen Force notices and comes in. You see, the Divine will never override our own free will. It is necessary to invite the Divine in to experience their presence. It is necessary to honor them with items that symbolize our appreciation for their presence.

The biggest thing I noticed when I invited the Angels in last night was the huge smile from ear to ear that came across my face. I felt such a sense of joy the moment I opened the door. The first time I invited them I felt like a wind through my heart. Others experienced the Divine in different ways. I have had no one tell me that they experienced nothing. I think it is our expectation and our honoring of their presence which makes them feel welcome and opens the door to their presence. My heart flutters even as I write about them ( or it could be that Valentine's Day card my husband just gave  me.). You see, our expressions of love we give to one another are another aspect of the presence of the Divine in action.

Today, show love to one another. Invite the presence of the Divine into your home, your life, your soul. Expect miracles. Expect joy. Expect love. Expect the world to change in an extraordinary way. Every time there is a smile on someone's face there is one less frown in the world.

Thanks to the Angels for the experience of the Divine. In every form. Just for today, I will expect that every person I meet is an aspect of the Divine. No matter what they look like or how they present themselves to me. And I thank the Divine for the opportunity to experience this miracle.

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