Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Knight of Swords

I haven't posted any blogs lately relating to the tarot, but my habit is to every day pick a card and contemplate its meaning for me today. Sometimes I will go with the traditional meaning of the card, sometimes I am unsure how it relates to my current situation, and sometimes it is right on the mark. Sometimes it relates to someone else that I may come into contact with, maybe someone who needs some encouragement from me or maybe just to teach me a lesson.

Today I picked the knight of swords. This is a card that is about communication. Swords represent words and communication, but can also signify conflict. In the picture there is a knight speeding ahead on his white horse against a fierce wind. The traditional meaning of this card is that you may be receiving some communication that may come at an unconvenient time, or a boss may be expecting too much from you, something about words, conflict, and how it relates to sudden change but when I contemplated the card the message I got was that now was the time to move forward despite the apparent wind coming against me. The white horse represents purity, indicating to me that my  message is pure, but not without opposition.

The reason I decided to share today from my tarot reading was that in my last blog I had written about surrender. I have been feeling that maybe some of my readers, and myself included, may have been working really hard to make something happen and have experienced doors closing, opposition, or challenges, and that sometimes we just have to surrender our ideas of what we want to manifest to the Universe and say, "okay, I release my ideas of what I think is supposed to happen and open myself up to whatever is best for me at this particular time."

What happens when we surrender is that we open the door for the Universe to work in mysterious ways. And then, when the Universe, (or whatever you choose to call your Source) gives you the okay, then move ahead again. So it seemed to me what happened is when I said, "Ok, Source. I surrender. If you want something to happen then you have to do it", then immediately I get the card that says, "full speed ahead despite the wind, despite the opposition, despite the circumstances!"

The message to me is that surrender is empowering!! I will move when my Source says move and I will stay put when my Source says stay put and sometimes it seems it is a test to see if I am listening.

The other message is that if you are one who looks for signs from the Universe or Source like I do, sometimes the signs don't mean exactly what all the books and traditional interpretations say they mean. Personalize the signs. What does this mean to you? To me today the knight of swords said, "full speed ahead despite the wind!!" This card may mean something completely different to someone else, and, guess what!! We would both be right!!

Just for today, maybe it is time to ask the Universe for a sign and then come up with your own interpretation of what this sign means to you. It may not mean what it always meant before. Or maybe it will. Trust the messages you get. Don't judge the message someone else gets. And we will all arrive at our destination at the perfect time.

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