Monday, April 18, 2016

Moving Forward Despite Obstacles

At the moment I am sitting on an airplane that is delayed due to the thunderstorms around Houston where hubby and I are supposed to get a connecting flight taking us on a holiday to Cabo San Lucas Mexico. We have been planning and dreaming for this day to come for months now.

Working full time, doing weddings, events, classes and seeing clients, not to mention family drama, grandkids, and life has exhausted this girl. My plan has been to sit on the beach, meditate, and allow people to wait on me hand and foot for five days.

I have been posting a card of the day for several months now on my Facebook page, and I actually drew them and scheduled one for each day so even that was off my plate. So this morning when I was contemplating my day, and I was holding my cards, I said to Spirit: please not the chariot card, please not the chariot card.. and guess which one I got???

You guessed it!! The chariot.

Chariot obviously indicates movement, so it often has to do with travel, but most often it indicates the need to overcome obstacles to get you where you need to go.

What to do. I am sitting in an airplane on the runway, going nowhere.

I always say, when you can't control what is going on outside of you, you can always control what is going on inside.

What a perfect time to go within, connect with Divine Love and go with the flow.

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