Thursday, December 31, 2015

Theme for the Year: Effortless

Every year in January I connect with Spirit and ask my Higher Power for a theme for the year. I ask that my theme be one word, and one that I can easily remember and refer back to. Last year my theme was: shine. I can say that my word completely reflected my experience throughout the year. I had more opportunities to use my gifts than ever before. I received a lot of new clients and students. It truly was a year to remember.

This year Spirit gave me the word effortless. My intention that my earth experience be effortless in every way. Spirit gave me my word about a month ago. Immediately I put the word into action. Whenever I would get frustrated or things seemed difficult, I would remind myself of my word and circumstances seemed to shift so that things became easier.

I am not questioning Spirit on why They gave me my word a month early. Maybe I needed to hear it. December tends to be a difficult month and this year it was EFFORTLESS.
I suggest you take a little time and receive your theme for the year. You will be amazed at how accurate your word will reflect your experience.
If you like, I would love to hear the word Spirit gives you!

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