Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dark Moon and Solar Eclipse.. Thoughts on the Shift

Tomorrow we have a dark moon with a partial solar eclipse to boot! The energies this month have been intense, for those of you sensitive to those things!

Those cultures and belief systems that are close to the earth and believe that everything has consciousness and everything has a message or a lesson for us, such as shamanism, believe that every time an event such as this occurs, we as humans have the opportunity to use the energies that are present during these events to facilitate change in our own lives. Even if you don't believe in the changes in the energy field of the earth during events like this, you can use the symbolism of the event to focus on changing your world and your life!

Dark moons happen when the earth casts a shadow on the moon in such a way that it is not visible in the sky. It is still there but not visible to our human eyesight. From the time of the full moon until now, the moon has been steadily becoming smaller and smaller, until tomorrow, we will not see it at all. This symbolizes that there are things in our lives that it is time to release.

This week I took a little holiday from my job at the Post Office. I did not have a trip in mind. I have been busily cleaning out closets. I have been sorting through last season's clothes and getting out the clothes that I put away for the summer. I have a small pile for charity, a pile of shoes for a good friend who wears my size, and a tote or two to be put away until spring. My focus has been releasing what is no longer useful for me at this time. That doesn't mean I throw away everything that I no longer need. That would mean that come spring I would not have any clothes to wear! Sometimes the message is not to throw away everything that you no longer need, but to put it away  until the season shifts again! Know this: spring will come again! That wheel is always turning, and at some point it will turn again!

When there is a solar eclipse, the sun becomes blocked by the shadow of the moon. The sun represents manifesting, change, growth, warmth, and life. The moon represents things that are hidden, our shadow self, feminine energies, intuition. While this eclipse is happening, and a day or two before and after, think about what hidden things are casting a shadow on your ability to manifest your dreams! Sometimes the message is that you need to spend some time going within! Access that inner life, that connection with your soul. Focus on what things are hidden from the light of day.

Soon the moon will be visible again. The sun will quickly pass through the shadow and become bright once again. Sometimes the clouds block our vision of any of this activity anyway! Have the clouds or the rain in your life blocked you from accessing your intuition or seeing the light of the sun?

No worries! Just because the clouds may block your view, this doesn't mean that the moon and the sun aren't having their little dance anyway! Sometimes we have to have faith that despite the clouds that appear in our lives, the sun continues to shine! The moon continues her trek across the sky.

Here is a suggested ritual to make the most of the energies of the next day or two!

Since the moon will be in Scorpio tomorrow, use the element of water in your ritual. You may want to fill a bowl or a cup with water, think about what you would like to release or have transformed, send out a prayer or an intention to God, Goddess, the Universe or the Divine for help in releasing or transforming your request, Send out this intention into the bowl of water, and then pour out the water onto the earth, asking the Earth Mother to receive your request and aid in its transformation.

Believe that your requests and intentions have been heard, and go about your day as if your request has been granted!

Be grateful for the transformation!

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Blessings to you as you journey this path called life!

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