Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Dreams of Turtles

Last night I dreamed that I found a small turtle. At first I thought it was dead so I tried to wash it down the sink (I know, we all do crazy things in our dreams that we wouldn't necessarily do in real life.. it's a dream, and everything is symbolic!) As I turned on the water to wash it down the sink, I saw it move and realized that it was indeed alive! So I fished it out of the sink drain and held it in my hand to make sure it was all right! Telepathically the turtle sent me love and thanked me for saving it! Then it scurried (scurried for a turtle) off my hand and went to play with my two cats ( in real life I don't have any cats.)

I thought I would share the dream because we all have dreams, and we all wonder what they mean. In sharing this dream maybe if you have dreams with similar images, you can begin to interpret what your soul might be trying to share with you!

First of all, we all have dreams. We may or may not remember them. Also, if your sleep is interrupted frequently, or you don't sleep long enough, you may not enter into the portion of your sleep time when dreams occur. This is not healthy!

Back to dreams of turtles, cats, and washing things down the sink drain!

Turtles represent slowing down, protection ( as in the shell), living life as an introvert, patience, and it can also represent intuition.

Cats represent intuition, psychic ability, the sacred female, self assurance, and wisdom.

Washing things down the drain represent releasing things out of your life, letting go of those things which you no longer have need of. Water represents spirit or emotion.


In my early years I was very shy (in my shell). I spent much time alone, where I found much more time to connect with Spirit, and hone my skills that I now use today. I had no social life to speak of, and so I devoured books on spiritual subjects, spent much time in prayer or meditation, and although too much of this is just as unhealthy as not enough, I developed my spiritual side basically because I had no social life.

Now things are much more busy. I am sometimes a bit impatient. Aside from my job at the Post Office, I am a wedding officiant, a psychic medium, a Shamanic healer, and a teacher of spiritual principles. I would say that I am sometimes too busy. Maybe subconsciously I have thought that the introverted side of myself was dead.

I think Spirit, or my own soul, was trying to tell me that it is okay to slow down, go back into my shell a bit, and spend some time with myself. I don't always have to be racing full speed ahead! The turtle jumping off my hand to go play with the cats represent that my psychic gifts can easily get along with this forgotten part of myself.

Why am I sharing? One, I think that we sometimes think that we always have to be busy moving forward... doing doing doing! Spirit says that this is not only not necessary, but not healthy! Sometimes we just need to sit still and go within our shell and listen!

Manifesting what we want to occur in our lives will come naturally to us when we align our vibration with whatever it is that we want to manifest! Yes, we have to put legs on our prayers. We have to put action to our dreams. But just as important, if not more important, we have to align ourselves with our Highest Version of Ourselves and make sure that those things we want to manifest are the same as what our Soul desires for us!

If you are having dreams that you don't understand, remember that they are messages from your Soul! Your soul desires to communicate with you, and sometimes the best way is through dreams. Sometimes in our waking life, we don't take time to sit with our Soul and receive guidance. And sometimes we are too close to our own lives to make sense of the symbolism.

If you desire to receive guidance, I am always at your service. You can reach me HERE. You will find different ways that I offer to tune in and provide you with the guidance your soul seeks. I am also offering a variety of classes and get togethers for your particular needs. Please feel free to contact me and we will work on a plan that fits your needs!

Now excuse me while I go slow down and enjoy my day! There will be sitting still and doing nothing today! (if I can fit it into my schedule.. lol.. no just kidding..)

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