Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Choosing a Pope

Although I am not Catholic, I was watching the news this morning and noticing the congregation of Cardinals which have assembled with the task of choosing a new Pope. To me it was just another news item, one which at first did not hold any more significance than any other news item. Apparently Spirit had another idea. It took my Guides awhile to get the message to me. I am not really thick headed, but now I understand when They tell me that it is difficult to get messages across when it is not in line with a person's understanding. I guess it is kind of like showing airplanes to cave men. Or that story that the Native Americans didn't see the ships coming because they had never seen a ship before. I am not sure if I believe that, but I understand the thinking which came up with that idea. I am not Catholic, so it took awhile for the Guides to send me this message.

The first clue was my tarot card for the day. It is my custom to draw a tarot card every morning and contemplate its meaning on and off during the day. Today right after I had watched the news about the choosing of the new Pope, I drew this card:
I kind of chuckled to myself, and I thanked my Guides for showing me that the Guides that lead me to choose a tarot card really do tune into my energy for the day and apparently they knew I had just seen a whole congregation of men who were dressed this way. The man on this card is a representation of the Pope or at least someone in high authority in the church.

The hierophant card in the tarot has to do with submitting your personal ideals for a greater cause or giving of yourself to a life of service. So I thought, okay, maybe the tarot is telling me that I am to do something for someone else today. And then I left for the gym.

Then, another sign that maybe the Guides were telling me something more significant. I am on the elliptical, my favorite machine at the gym, and I am listening to my favorite music, electronica, and I hear in the music the sound of gongs that resemble very much the sound of church bells..

OH!! Okay, so it took a few tries but the Guides finally got through. You want to tell me something about the Pope???

I could almost hear my Guides exclaim.."FINALLY!!"

So this is the message and it is very important for all of us, whether or not we are Catholic, or even religious. My Guides told me that this choosing of the new Pope was very important for the energetic frequency of the earth and that I was to send the energy of love and light to all those given the task of choosing the next one and that anyone who was led to do so it would be beneficial if they did so as well!! They told me that the Pope has a great deal of significance in the future of the earth and the way that we proceed from this time forward. It is our earth, and we humans are the ones who choose the direction of the way that we manifest how we want our lives to unfold. Collectively we create our earth and how we relate to each other and to the earth. The Pope has a great deal of influence over a great deal of people, and choosing the one who will be an energetic match to the world we want to create is a big deal. So I invite all of you, Catholic or not, to send prayers, thoughts and positive energy to this big decision acting out today or however long it takes and  pray for the best possible candidate for the job to be selected.

Connect with that force of love and joy in your own heart and then send it out across the earth to all those faced with the task of choosing the next Pope and also send it to the future Pope and expect that our prayers will assist in the process so that the highest and best will unfold. It is time to put aside our differences and realize that whatever belief system we each choose, as long as it makes us a better person, makes us love one another and release hate, that is a valuable asset to our lives.

And from here on out, may I be more open to messages that are not exactly what I am thinking or focusing on at the moment. Like my husband tells me every day.. "not everyone lives in Joy's world."

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