Monday, December 24, 2012

Be Sage

Yesterday I posted on facebook that I was headed off to see my daughter and her family for the Christmas holidays. One of my friends posted to my status, "be sage." Of course she realized her mistake and corrected it right away to say, "be safe." but not before I saw the post.

Sage, as many of you know, it a Native American cure for dispelling negative energies and clearing spaces. When I saw the post, it rang true for me. What if, wherever we went, we connected with the energy of sage and just by our presence, we were the sage that dispelled any negative energies?

It has been my belief for quite some time that it is not necessary to chase away evil. If I am just the presence of light, the darkness just doesn't come around, unless it is ready to be transformed. When you go into a dark room, you don't have to tell the darkness to leave, you only have to turn on the light.

As you go about your Christmas gatherings, do not be concerned with "catching" any negative "vibes" or mistakenly bringing home something attached to you that is less than helpful. You don't even have to carry your sage around with you, chasing away negative vibes or cleansing your space or the space of others. I am not saying that this ritual is no longer helpful or necessary. I am one who loves to sage my home and cleanse the energies. All I am saying is that as you go about your day, consider the possibility that maybe you are the sage. You are the light that dispels the darkness. You are the sage that cleanses the atmosphere.  Just for today, "be sage."

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  1. Very nice, Joy. You can also think of using the light and shadow in a sundial does: the light redirects the shadow into something "useful" as showing the time of day. As you say, just being present as a "light" will help those who are feeling "dark" notice they are wanted, too, and will gravitate to your brilliance and who knows?...maybe even give off a little light of their own, too ! Have a Happy Holiday, Joy !! To you and yours !! - Eric MLT