Friday, December 21, 2012

December 21st

So I have contemplated getting on the December 21st bandwagon and posting my thoughts for this very hyped up day. Many people are making jokes that the end of the world did not happen. Many are saying that there is a huge planetary alignment that is causing a huge upsurge in our collective vibration. There have been calls to a world wide time of meditation, which I sort of participated in. (It was at 6:12 this morning, I was somewhat awake so, in the comfort of my bedpillows, I tuned into the higher energies and welcomed them to our planet.)

I guess my thought is that whatever you invite into your life shows up. If we all are inviting in a higher vibration and interaction from the Higher Beings then this is what we will experience. If we believe that the world is going to be a better place then our world will collectively get better. If we constantly look for the good in people around us and not the bad, then we will draw out the good that we desire to see in our fellow earth travelers. If we send thoughts of love and light even to those with whom we do not share common ideas or values, then we energetically bring out the best in those people.

It is time for us to look beyond our little boxes that we live in and the little ideas that we cherish and embrace the bigger picture. Working at the Post Office I notice especially at Christmastime that so many are opposed to even using a stamp that does not reflect their own belief system. What is so wrong with embracing Kwanza or Hanakuh on a stamp and saying... hey, I respect and honor everyone's right to their own belief system, so long as that belief system is not propagating injure or harm to others?

Just for today, look beyond what you think and believe and ask yourself, what else is possible? If we all look beyond ourselves and think about possibilities, then we all collectively benefit. Send love and light to all our fellow earth travelers. Welcome help from the higher realms. Do something kind. In this way we will catapult the earth into a higher vibration, whether this day or any other day.

Blessed be.

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  1. The 8 of Cups hints about being "fed up" with how current things are and wanting to search for things with a higher meaning in them...more meat so to speak. I used this card of the 21st in my video series to express that this time is kinda like a "reset button"...a time to reflect and change direction, like the 8 of Cups shows. But in all honesty...every day could be a chance to hit the reset button and try something new...bring some other idea into your life that may help brighten your path (like using a different stamp...or listening to someone else's point of view on Joy's blog!). Dec 21st reminded me to not wait for "special events" to broaden my horizons and seek knowledge along my life path...all I need to do is declare a new start...and I'm off on my journey ! Why not press your own "reset button"? The beauty of this life is choice !-Eric MLT