Monday, November 19, 2012

The Gift Within the Challenge

Last night my husband and I were watching a documentary about savants. Savants are people with tremendous disabilities that impair normal everyday functioning, but in turn they have some extraordinary capabilities in some field. One was a concert pianist who is about the age of ten or twelve I think, but is severely autistic and cannot communicate normally or perform any everyday activities. Another was a grown man in his fifties with another form of autism who did not realize that he was autistic, but had a tremendous knack in the field of electronics. He had quit school at the age of sixteen, due to his tremendous dysfunction in the area of socialization, but taught himself electronics and went on to make amazing advances in the electronics industry. It was only in recent years where he was diagnosed with Asburgers Syndrome and with the help of brain stimulation, has made advances in the area of socialization. In his interview he said that with every disability there comes a great gift, that it is just up to us to discover the gift. I thought about that and realized that it is also true with any challenge.

Last month I did a class on magical manifesting, and in the class we did rituals to bring about some change in our lives. So this month I asked my class how their manifesting was going. In the ritual, it is recommended that we spend time with our intention every day, to incorporate the energy of the new thing into our own energy field. At least one person had commented that it seemed that things had gotten worse. It seemed, she said, that she was getting the opposite of that thing she was desiring to manifest. I noted that I had detected a similar tendency. The temptation is to throw away the ritual, saying that it didn't work, and go on with living in our comfort zone.

At this point Spirit decided to cut in, and let us know that it is not unusual when attempting to change something in our lives, that we first manifest the opposite of what we are desiring. Anything worth having is worth the challenge that presents itself before that thing comes to pass. I remember recently in the lecture by John Tenney, that he was sharing that when he had been asked to be a third party at a Catholic exorcism, the priest had told him that just when he thought he was going to die, that is when the breakthrough would come. This seemed curious to me, but it bears some resemblance to this message from Spirit. Just when we feel like quitting, take heart. Do not quit. The breakthrough is right around the corner.

In studying numerology this point was taken, that when a person incarnates to learn a particular life lesson, that very often they will manifest the opposite of that quality until they learn to embrace it. Every number in our birth date represents some life lesson that we came here to learn, and until we realize it and start focusing on it, we often unknowingly manifest the opposite of that quality. It is the same with someone who engages in physical exercise. No gains in the area of your chosen sport are realized if no effort is made. You don't become a cross country runner by taking walks around the block. You don't build muscles by lifting one pound weights. Gains are not made if there is no resistance.

Let me expound a little on that thought. Is there something you are desiring to manifest in your life and it seems like you are getting the opposite of what you are desiring? Are you ready to give up? Let me say first of all that Spirit is not a giant Santa Clause in the sky dropping down our desires like candy canes to expectant children. There are steps we have to take to realize our dreams. If your desire is to pay off your mortgage, don't just sit around and wait for some big check to arrive in the mail. Start by paying an extra $10 a month on your bill. If you want to lose weight, push back from the table. Make a plan. Don't think that you can just meditate all day and one day you will just wake up and be living in a different house with a different spouse in a different state. It doesn't happen that way. The gifts we receive from Spirit come wrapped up in the challenges we face every day. Find the gift.

There was a time in my life when I lived for over a month on hot dogs because I couldn't afford healthy food. I lived in a house where all our furniture had been repossessed and we sat on lawn chairs and slept on the floor. I kept waiting for God to come and rescue me but he never showed up. One day I realized that if my life was going to change then I was the one who had to change it. It was no one else's fault, including God's, that I was living this way. I made a plan and changed my life. It did not come overnight. Contained within that challenging period of my life was the gift of empowerment. I had to learn to give up the feeling of victimization and take my power back. No I didn't wake up one morning and have a different life. But the day that I said, if I do not do something then I am going to die, then that is the day I made a change. Sometimes we have to get to that point. And getting there is a gift.

Today is the day to pick yourself up by your bootstraps and decide to move forward. Your breakthrough is right around the corner. Yes, there is Unseen Help out there just waiting to assist you. But contained within the gift of deliverance from your present circumstance is the gift contained within the circumstance itself. Find that gift. It is the key to your emancipation!!

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