Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Adventures in Healing

Yesterday I was privileged to be a practice patient for a good friend of mine who is in school getting certified to do energy healing. She is already a wonderful reiki master teacher but this just adds to her qualifications. So she needed a practice patient and I volunteered.

I will first say that I went with no expectations. In my mind I had no issues to confront, other than my tendency to over extend myself. I have been a bit burned out, but I keep pushing myself on and on. There is always something to learn, something to teach, someone that needs healing or comfort or advice, or someone to join in marriage, not to mention my full time job. To my surprise this issue did not even come up, until the end when Spirit said to me that I need to rest. Yes I know.

To my surprise when she did  my energy assessment my issues had to do with my throat chakra. What? I give messages from Spirit. I teach spiritual classes. I would have thought that my throat chakra would be wide open. Well, Joy, when are you not speaking up for yourself? Are you telling the people you love what you need?

What a revelation. That someone like me who continually is listening to Spirit and giving messages may have trouble speaking up and voicing my own needs. So I thought that maybe if I have trouble with this that there are most likely more people out there who may benefit from my discovery.

Those of us with spiritual aspirations may have a tendency to put aside our own needs with the noble intention of helping someone else with their needs. But at some point our own needs have to be addressed! If someone is continually expecting us to solve their problems, to heal them emotionally, to hear from Spirit for them, or even to fulfill some empty place inside themselves, there comes a point when a healer has to say, okay, now it is time to learn to listen to Spirit for yourself. Spirit wishes to communicate with us directly.

It seems a trend in the medical world that it is okay to keep people addicted to medical treatment. This assures that the doctors will have repeat customers. Keep them drugged up and coming back. Don't address the real needs that will cause them to not need to come back to the doctor anymore. Not so with my kind of work.I want the people who come to me to experience healing after the first visit. I do have repeat clients because there are many layers to healing. But at some point it is time to take personal responsibility for our healing process. No, after one session you will not be cured of stage four cancer. Or maybe you will. But hopefully you will be in a place where you can face whatever it is you are facing with more of a sense of self empowerment.

One of my specialties is reuniting people with their Power Animals. Power Animals are Spirit helpers who come to us in animal spirit form. Usually the Power Animal that comes to us is one whose qualities we may be missing in our lives. For example, I recovered a Mother Bear with two cubs for my daughter. At the time she only had one child, but this Bear came to me with two cubs. Obviously Spirit knew that she would have two children and that she needed some extra- ordinary help with the task of raising children. Mother bears are known to be very good mothers, and extremely protective of their cubs. When we are united with a Power Animal, it is our own job to connect with the power of our spirit animal and access the help it is there to offer.

My purpose for sharing my experience is to ignite within each of you the idea that yes, help is out there. Issues that are buried are known to Spirit and at the right time will come to be faced. Are there issues within you that are  not being addressed? Are you not voicing your needs to those with whom you share your life? It is time for us to face those things that need to be faced and to move forward in the business of experiencing our lives to the fullest extent. Even to those of us who think we have our lives completely figured out, there are things still to work on, issues to face, mountains to climb. Life is an adventure!! Let us be willing to open ourselves up to some real work, and get on with the business of living.

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