Friday, September 8, 2017

Peace. Be Still

At this point in time we in the United States are facing a major hurricane coming into Florida. Just a couple of weeks ago Texas experienced devastation resulting from a hurricane as well. Apparently there are a couple more hurricanes out at sea waiting their turn as well.

I am reminded of two things. When my father was alive, he was a weather communicator. He would speak to storms and they would change course. He would speak to rain and it would cease or start if that is what his intention was.

My sister and I have attempted to take up his mantel but apparently it died with him.

This morning I was once again attempting to tune in to the spirit  of the hurricane and speak peace to its core. I saw that something larger than the hurricane was the moving force behind it. Something not of this realm. This surprised me so, at the direction of Spirit, I just began to send that force love and light. I asked for the Angels of Light to come to the source of the hurricanes as well as all areas of our planet that are feeling disturbed. I asked the Angels of Light to surround the force with love and light and carry it to wherever it could be transformed to a beneficial force for good.

Jesus spoke to storms. His words were Peace. Be Still.

Let us all speak to this storm. Let us all say Peace. Be still.

Let us speak to world leaders. Peace. Be Still.

Let us speak to the spirit of discontent. Peace Be Still.

Let us speak to greed, control, anger, fear, and dispair.

Peace. Be Still.

Will my prayers for peace be effective to slow down this storm? I don't know. I am just one person. But David killed Goliath with a stone from his slingshot. Why not?

It could not hurt if we all spoke to this storm and called for peace. Send love to its core and to the force behind it creating the destructive energy. Love rules all. Peace to the storm and to the unrest within many at this time in history.

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