Thursday, October 1, 2015

Prayers to a Hurricane

My dad was a champion prayer warrior. His specialty was praying away hurricanes and detrimental weather conditions. I saw him more than one time speak to a storm and then subsequently watch the storm calm down or even disappear. Hurricanes changed courses. I remember one time he came to visit and the first four days he was in Virginia from his home inFlorida it rained every day. Now he didn't just pray away rain because it infringed on his plans. Normally he prayed away storms that were going to cause great loss or damage. However, this time he had had enough. He spoke to the heavy downpours and told the rain to cease. Within a few hours the sun was shining and we went about our visit. About two weeks later I had to call him to ask him to call off his declaration because it hadn't rained since he prayed that day. He did and it rained that very day.

We on the east coast are facing a hurricane. I was thinking about dad yesterday, who would have been praying away the hurricane. At his death bed I had told his soul that I would take up his mantle of praying away storms. However, my belief system is a little different than dad's. I believe that we are in a dance with the Spirit of the Earth and that everything has consciousness. When the course of one thing on earth changes, everything is affected. I don't presume to know the highest and best good, even though I would think that the highest and best would be that the hurricane go out to sea and harm no one.

I also believe that everything has a soul and consciousness. I have learned how to communicate with plants, animals, nature, and spirits by connecting with the love in my heart and Highest Self and then sending a stream of love and light to the soul of that with which I want to communicate. The highest and best thing we can do is to connect with the love in our soul and then shine that love outward into our world.

Yesterday there was a break in the rain and I was able to go out for my run. While I was running I connected with the soul of this hurricane and sent it love. I asked for mercy and that the storm would affect us all in a way that was the highest and best for everything and everyone concerned. It is not how my dad would have handled it and I am not sure he was in agreement with my technique. One of my dad's stipulations in his prayers was that the prayer of agreement made our prayers more powerful. Sometimes he would call me and ask me to agree with him when he prayed over storms and other important happenings.

I felt it would be great to put it out to all of you who read my blogs to connect with your Highest Self and whatever Highest Source that you communicate with. Connecting with the love in your soul automatically connects you to the Highest Powers. Send a beam of love to Hurricane Joaquin and ask for mercy. Ask that the highest and best come to pass and that the least harm come to the inhabitants of the Earth. Here is a possible prayer to say:

Hurricane Joaquin, I send you love from my heart. I honor your soul and your spirit and ask for mercy. I ask for the highest and best to occur from you and that the least possible damage come from your chosen path. If it is agreeable to you, I ask that you change course and head out to sea. WE all as a group send you love and ask for mercy.

And so it is.

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