Friday, December 12, 2014


Are you ready to invite some change into your life?

December to me has always represented a month of new beginnings. It is the month when, for centuries, people have celebrated the birth of a baby. Not just any baby, mind you, but a savior of mankind. Whether or not you subscribe to that belief is really of no consequence. Symbolically this time of  year represents the hope of the human race that something or someone higher than themselves has come down to our human, earthly lives, taken interest on us, and given us the chance at a new beginning.

In my years of receiving messages from the Spirit world, I have learned that Spirit talks to us in symbols. It is easier for the Angels or Higher Beings to send us a message through an image than to send us a message in words. The year I started a new life for myself years ago, I suddenly became obsessed with Anne Gedde, the famous photographer of babies. I bought an Anne Gedde calendar and hung it in my kitchen. I dreamed of babies frequently, or of being pregnant, despite the fact that this was not something I had intended to create in the natural world by any means. The symbol of a baby is a universal symbol of new beginnings. A friend of mine who is getting ready to retire recently told me that she has dreamed of being pregnant or of other women who are pregnant several times recently. This is an easy way for Spirit to tell her that she is about to embark upon a new beginning.

You can take advantage of the energies of December if you want to embark upon a new beginning in your life!

All it takes is a little focus and an intention. What is an intention? It is kind of like a prayer, but it is not necessary that you seek the help of a Higher Power with an intention, although if you want to, you certainly can. With an intention, you are really just connecting with your own Higher Self and your Soul. You are saying to yourself and the Universe that you intend to create something new!

An intention might go something like this:

"I intend to create my perfect career."

Most really good intentions are not too wordy. Seven words or less is best.

Be really willing to allow this intention to come in whatever form is best for your soul at this time. It is easier for Spirit to bring something to you that is for your highest good if you are not too specific in how it manifests.

According to numerology, this particular year, December (12) 2014 is a 10 month or a 1 month, the number of new beginnings. This number can be obtained by adding all the numbers together: 1+2+2+0+1+4 =10. And then again 1+0=1.  If you add today's date: 12 to that equation, you get 13. In the tarot 13 is the death card. Death is not a bad thing, but a card of a final ending of a chapter and the beginning of a new chapter.

As you can see, Spirit is sending us a message universally that this month can be a month of great change and new beginnings! Now if you had a rich aunt who suddenly died and left you a million dollars, but no one told you that the money was yours, you would not benefit from the gift, would you? But the  million dollars is out there, just waiting for you to realize that you are entitled to it. At some point, you  might have to make yourself known to the person who is in charge of settling the aunt's accounts.

The energies of December for new beginnings is like the rich aunt. All you have to do is align yourself with the energies and claim those new beginnings for yourself!

Now let's take the energies one step further.

It seems like every day for a month or more I have just happened to look at the clock every day at exactly 12:12. This has been an indicator to me that a transmission of Higher Energy was headed my way. I have looked forward to today, December 12th, (12-12) since I began to notice the time on the clock, knowing that the Higher Beings were sending me a sign that today was to be a special day of transmission of light, love and higher energy frequencies from the Upper Realms.

So my intention for today is that I will receive a transmission of love and light from the Higher Realms. What if I never take any time to connect with Spirit today? What will happen to my intention?

I think nothing. It is like that million dollars is out there, waiting for me, and I am not accessing my account.

Just for today, take a moment and connect with Source. Ask for your transmission of love and light to manifest in whatever form is best for you at this time in your journey through life. Don't be specific as to how it manifests. Just believe and know that you have received a transmission of love and light.

Notice any subtle changes you may feel. You may notice nothing but other people may notice a change in you. Or maybe something in the physical world will manifest as a gift to you.

Remember to say thank you!

I would love to hear your stories of how and when you received your transmission of love and light today.

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