Monday, October 14, 2013

Citizens of the Earth

Most of us have been made aware in recent days of the inability of the members of Congress and the President to agree on a budget and come to any sort of amicable relationship with one another. We all have our opinions on who is right and who is wrong. There are a myriad of other global and local governmental issues with which we may be focusing our attention upon as well. If we watch any sort of television or engage in any social media, these issues evoke a tremendous emotional response from most of us.

Years ago I attended a fundamentalist Christian church. Although politics should not have been our focus, it was a well established fact that we were all expected to side with the Republicans. At the time, Bill Clinton was president and most of the members of the church with whom I was affiliated had no good emotional response to him.

 I found myself at the time aforementioned, in the precarious position of receiving a message from Spirit that did not align with the predominant emotions or position of the members or leaders of the church. Those up front who were preaching to the church attendees made no apologies for their opinion of the President and how he was governing the country or what his personal decisions and actions were at the time.

I am not, nor have I ever been, very versed in politics. I listen to the media, and what those with whom I am in contact have to say, and in the past have just voted for whichever party for whom those around me affiliated themselves. So I am in no position to post any political opinions.

However, this is what occurred years ago and today for some reason Spirit chose me to pose this challenge to those of you who are spiritually minded, in whatever belief system for whom you have chosen to affiliate yourself.

Instead of sending the President and the members of Congress the energy of your opinions on what should or should not happen, your emotions over the health care system, the budget, or the myriad of other issues with which we find ourselves engrossed in, why don't we send them the energy of love and light? Send them our thoughts or prayers, if you will, that they will make decisions that will best benefit the majority of us in the best way possible.

Imagine the response I got the last time I got this message! I was in a fundamental Christian church and my suggestion was that we cease our endless verbal attacks on Bill Clinton and instead pray for him and send him love! Oh it did not go over well.

I am hoping that we as humans have evolved a bit since then.

It is my firm belief that anytime we engage in emotionally charged conversations, that the energy  from our words go directly to whom those words are directed. Why not change the emotion of our words to that of love? No, we may not love all of the decisions our government officials make. We may not agree with the choices they make. Loving them, or anyone for that matter, does not mean that we agree with their actions. But love sends a message out into the Universe, and to those individuals, that empowers them to make better decisions.

My challenge to you is this. I can send love to the President and all the members of our government all I want, but it is the love from one individual. I am sure it has some effect, but what if multitudes of us sent this energy to them? Stop our endless word daggers that we launch every day towards them or the "opposition."

Energy has power. Words are energy.

Whether this hits home to you about the members of our government or maybe toward an ex or a boss or a neighbor, this challenge is for you! We are all guilty of sending out word and thought daggers to someone. I have mentioned this message before.

Think of someone you really don't like. Now imagine their face in your mind's eye. Imagine they are looking directly at you and you at them. Now imagine the feeling of love arising in your heart toward them. No you are not saying that you agree with all of their choices. But you are saying that love is the best solution.

I do this every morning before I go to work. I send love to my bosses and coworkers. I send love to whomever comes to my mind, be it the President, Congress, the other drivers on the road, my customers, the grocery store clerk, or the mentally challenged man who talks to his imaginary friends outside in the lobby of the Post Office. Everyone needs love.

The message from Spirit for today especially, and I don't know why it is impressed upon me that today is especially important, but sometime today, send love to the President and members of Congress. If you are reading this from somewhere besides America, it will  not hurt to send love to the American President. At times I am impressed to send love to government officials in other countries. But today I am feeling like the American government needs the energy of love. It is easy. Do the exercise I mentioned. It does not have to take an hour, or even a half hour. A couple of minutes will do. Just imagine the President and members of Congress and send them some love.

And then go on with your day.

Remember that love given always comes back to you multiplied. Especially when it is given with no expected return. You can expect that you will feel good when you do this. And you can expect that the members of our government may or may not appreciate this exercise. But they will benefit anyway. And that is all that matters.


  1. Love this! And sharing!

  2. Love IS the answer.

  3. Thanks Joy, if more of us were able to radiate love in these challenging times it would definitely transform our world. Love your article

  4. This is a wonderful, timely and very beneficial message. It seems as our country has become more and more divided that everyone has fallen in to the trap of withdrawing to their own needs and not recognizing the needs of others. A huge need of everyone is love and light...and the best thing about sending love and light is that it doesn't diminish you one little bit but only adds to your ultimate treasure!