Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Channeling is when a person, like myself or someone else, allows their voice to be used by someone not in physical form to speak or give messages. There are basically two kinds of channels. One is someone who goes into trance and is completely unaware of what goes on or what is said while the nonphysical entity is using his or her body and voice.The other type of channel is someone who is basically a conduit for the non physical entity. This person allows their voice to be used to speak, but the person retains consciousness and control of their physical body. Theoretically the conscious channel can opt to regain use of their body at any time during a channeling session.

In the past I have allowed the use of my voice to spirits who have passed on from this lifetime to give messages to loved ones or to voice their emotions or experiences which may have kept them from crossing over when they first passed. By allowing a displaced spirit to have a voice, it is often possible to bring them to a place of acceptance and finally be ready to cross over to the next step in their path. It is also entirely possible that the non physical person with whom I am speaking may be just a part of a soul which was left behind due to trauma or some strong emotional event. I have witnessed a crossing over of a soul part in which the person had indeed already crossed, but there remained a piece of them, seemingly stuck in a house or even an item that had been in contact in some way with that person.

As you who read my blogs know, I also receive messages from Angels, Guides, and Ascended Masters, but until recently I had never gone into that deep place of meditation and allowed them to speak through me with my voice. It was an easy transition, since I had already received messages from Them, and because I had allowed my voice to be used by other non physical entities.

This time was a bit different because I allowed Spirit to use my voice to speak a message directly, instead of just hearing a message and then repeating what I heard. The one that came to me this time was the Goddess Diana. I recognized her because I had seen her before in my meditations, but this time I allowed her to speak through my voice. She spoke through me to give a message to the person with whom I had journeyed. Jesus was there, too, watching. Jesus has been coming to me often because he has asked me to write about my physical journey through this lifetime, and he has given me some messages to relate in my future book that will come out of the exchange.  I think he was also there to let me know it was safe to take this next step. I did not lose control of myself or lose awareness of what was happening, but it was an interesting exchange. No my voice did not change. It seemed that when I first started the connection was a bit like a radio station that is not quite in range but almost, but the more I spoke the clearer the connection became.

I am relating this new step in my journey because I am very sure that this was not the last time that I will be used by Spirit in this way. I am very sure that the messages are going to continue, but in this particular form I may have to have a recorder going while I am talking because I can't write while the interaction is occurring and I cannot remember all that was said.  Look for messages coming soon that are obtained in this way. I am excited to be used by Spirit in whatever way is best for the benefit of those with whom I am blessed to serve.

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